Lessons for the Old Savage

Seven reflections for the journey…seven lessons the Old Savage needs to learn:

  1. Technology is in our heads, not in our hands.  We live in a world of our own choosing.
  2. Everything relates; only some things connect.  We live in a universe of relations, not an environment of connections.
  3. We live simultaneously in two universes –the metrical and the non-metrical, the universe that can be counted and measured and the universe that can’t. Everything of value is in the non-metrical universe.
  4. Sustainability requires us to revision the Earth not just as common ground, but as sacred space.  It is at least as much a spiritual struggle as it is a material one.
  5. A life is a life, however and wherever it is lived. There is no hierarchy of value inherent in life.
  6. Our lives unfold in a trajectory in time and space, but their meaning is found in story. We are all both authors and characters.  Even minor characters can change any story. And do.
  7. For a sustainable future, we need to understand life and our relations with other people not in terms of economy or exchange, but as gift… not in expectation of any return, without calculation of cost, but instead as a celebration of Presence with another.  In that moment of Presence, the universe changes in the way all of us need it to change.

 More to follow on each of these….