On Canadian Democracy

Caricatures of Parliament Hill - Photo by Peter Denton

Caricatures of Parliament Hill (Photo by Peter Denton)

To avoid the rush on election day, I voted in the advance poll.

You should know that I didn’t vote for Stephen Harper. From the pre-election flurry, many other people seem to have reached that same conclusion.

But you should also know that I didn’t vote for Tom Mulcair. Or for Justin Trudeau. Or for Elizabeth May (whom the boys could not keep out of the game though they kept her out of the debates).

A lot of other people have also reached that same conclusion, too.

You see, I don’t live in Calgary Heritage, or Outremont, or Papineau. Nor do I live in Saanich-Gulf Islands (though there are times in February when I wish I did!)

I didn’t vote for any of the leaders because they are not running in Selkirk-Interlake, where I do live. Nor will most of the people who read this.

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