Don’t Like Green? Try Being Smart

(February 12, 2016)

It’s not easy being green these days.

If this sounds like a duet between Kermit the Frog and Elizabeth May, you would not be far from the point.

There is a new colour barrier where there shouldn’t be one at all. Listen to the Internet trolls and you might think green is the new colour of privilege. Green this, green that, lots of good money wasted on greenwash to the benefit of a few who are just in it for what they can squeeze from the public purse. More green foolishness again, they trumpet at every chance.

Listen to the people working in the “green sector” and you will hear frustration over the lack of desperately needed funds. You will hear many examples of the deliberate obstructionism of people in government, business and society who are quite happy making money for themselves or keeping cushy jobs at the expense of the planet and our children’s future. For them, “green” is the colour of poverty and powerlessness.

Value-added and employment are estimated using INSEE data on business sectors. Exploration and production investment, cheap business gas In the UK, gas extraction industry and IMF, supplement the description as drivers of the activity.

For a sustainable future for everyone, we need to become colour-blind — at least to the colour green.

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