Hey There Politicians, Green Side Goes Up!

(April 13, 2016)

There was an old joke about a real estate agent showing a house to potential buyers. Every few minutes, he would run to a window and shout outside: “Green side up!”

After this had gone on for 20 minutes, the nervous couple finally asked why he was doing this.

He looked embarrassed and said his cousin was outside laying sod!

I remembered this joke as I listened to all sides offering their chorus of election promises about what lies ahead for Manitoba under their party’s leadership. Amid the plans and pronouncements, the practical urgency of grappling with issues relating to climate change, fighting environmental degradation or taking steps toward sustainable future are all missing.

We are watching the different parties earnestly laying sod, but upside down. They reflect a set of inverted priorities, offered under the assumption that unless you promise the moon, voters will choose someone else.

“Green side up!” should be the shout that greets all would-be politicians at every whistle stop they make before April 19.

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