Bold Vision on Rail Lines Could Transform City

(August 25, 2016)

As a society, we are good at identifying and addressing problems. We just don’t solve them.

This is why problems within our capacity to solve continue to make headlines. It’s as though we need the reassurance of keeping old problems around, ones we understand and can fiddle with, rather than risking new problems to which we might not have any easy response.

So every spring, we complain about potholes, urging governments to fix the infrastructure when all they do, at great expense, is fill in the holes for another 12 months… when they can do it all over again.

Every summer, we complain about mosquitoes, and the city pulls out its antique chemical arsenal and addresses the problem… until next year.

And on it goes. We lack the leadership in business, industry and government to solve problems and the rest of us accept their arm-waving as evidence of doing all that can be done.

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