About this blog

Choosing a sustainable future requires us to understand the metrics involved, the numbers relating to everything from climate change and over-population to social and economic injustice.

But also requires us to find hope in the midst of those grim numbers and to clarify our vision of what the world could be like, if we made better choices today than we did yesterday.

This blog explores reasons for hope and tries to clarify that vision.

We need a new synthesis to bring together what we know about the physical universe, who we are are human beings, and what it means to live in harmony with the Earth, in all of its diversity. That synthesis must be focused on the choices each of us makes, every day, helping us to see the alternatives, to realize what is most important and to choosely wisely toward a sustainable future.

Our choices can’t only lead to a personal conversation with the Earth, however. The conversation needs to be shared, everywhere. If what you read here makes you think differently about yourself, other people, the Earth or what lies ahead, please share it with everyone you know.

When it comes to understanding the universe and learning something of the wisdom behind its design, we are all travellers, telling each other where we found food and shelter.